Creating an alternate index: Windows example

When running Recoll under Windows, the simplest approach for using separate indexes is to start the GUI from different desktop icons. The following approach can be used:

  1. Create an empty folder somewhere for holding the new configuration and index.

  2. Select the Recoll icon on the desktop and Copy/Paste it. If no desktop icon was created during installation, you can right-drag the recoll.exe program from C:\Program Files (X86)\Recoll to the desktop and select Create shortcuts here to create one.

  3. Right-click the new shortcut and go to the Properties->shortcut tab

  4. Modify the Target value from the original C:\Program Files (x86)\Recoll\recoll.exe to something like:

    "C:\Program Files (x86)\Recoll\recoll.exe" -c C:\Path\To\My\New\Directory

    Use double quotes around the directory path is it contains spaces.

  5. Then save the new Icon by clicking ok, and double click it to start a Recoll GUI for the new configuration. You should be presented with the initial configuration dialog.

Any other method for running the GUI or recollindex program with a -c option or a RECOLL_CONFDIR value in the environment would work too.