The mimemap file

mimemap specifies the file name extension to MIME type mappings.

For file names without an extension, or with an unknown one, recent Recoll versions will use libmagic. Older versions would execute a system command (file -i, or xdg-mime) will be executed to determine the MIME type (this can be switched off, or the command changed inside the main configuration file).

All extension values in mimemap must be entered in lower case. File names extensions are lower-cased for comparison during indexing, meaning that an upper case mimemap entry will never be matched.

The mappings can be specified on a per-subtree basis, which may be useful in some cases. Example: okular notes have a .xml extension but should be handled specially, which is possible because they are usually all located in one place. Example:

        .xml = application/x-okular-notes

The recoll_noindex mimemap variable has been moved to recoll.conf and renamed to noContentSuffixes, while keeping the same function, as of Recoll version 1.21. For older Recoll versions, see the documentation for noContentSuffixes but use recoll_noindex in mimemap.