The mimeconf file

The main purpose of the mimeconf file is to specify how the different MIME types are handled for indexing. This is done in the [index] section, which should not be modified casually. See the comments in the file.

The file also contains other definitions which affect the query language and the GUI, and which, in retrospect, should have been stored elsewhere.

The [icons] section allows you to change the icons which are displayed by the recoll GUI in the result lists (the values are the basenames of the png images inside the iconsdir directory (which is itself defined in recoll.conf).

The [categories] section defines the groupings of MIME types into categories as used when adding an rclcat clause to a query language query. rclcat clauses are also used by the default guifilters buttons in the GUI (see next).

The filter controls appear at the top of the recoll GUI, either as checkboxes just above the result list, or as a dropbox in the tool area.

By default, they are labeled: media, message, other, presentation, spreadsheet and text, and each maps to a document category. This is determined in the [guifilters] section, where each control is defined by a variable naming a query language fragment.

A simple example will hopefully make things clearer.


Big Books = dir:"~/My Books" size>10K
My Docs = dir:"~/My Documents"
Small Books = dir:"~/My Books" size<10K
System Docs = dir:/usr/share/doc

The above definition would create four filter checkboxes, labelled Big Books, My Docs, etc.

The text after the equal sign must be a valid query language fragment, and, when the button is checked, it will be combined with the rest of the query with an AND conjunction.

Any name text before a colon character will be erased in the display, but used for sorting. You can use this to display the checkboxes in any order you like. For example, the following would do exactly the same as above, but ordering the checkboxes in the reverse order.


d:Big Books = dir:"~/My Books" size>10K
c:My Docs = dir:"~/My Documents"
b:Small Books = dir:"~/My Books" size<10K
a:System Docs = dir:/usr/share/doc

As you may have guessed, The default [guifilters] section looks like:

text = rclcat:text
spreadsheet = rclcat:spreadsheet
presentation = rclcat:presentation
media = rclcat:media
message = rclcat:message
other = rclcat:other