Search API usage example

The following sample would query the index with a user language string. See the python/samples directory inside the Recoll source for other examples. The recollgui subdirectory has a very embryonic GUI which demonstrates the highlighting and data extraction functions.


from recoll import recoll

db = recoll.connect()
db.setAbstractParams(maxchars=80, contextwords=4)

query = db.query()
nres = query.execute("some user question")
print("Result count: %d" % nres)
if nres > 5:
    nres = 5
for i in range(nres):
    doc = query.fetchone()
    print("Result #%d" % (query.rownumber))
    for k in ("title", "size"):
        print("%s : %s" % (k, getattr(doc, k)))
    print("%s\n" % db.makeDocAbstract(doc, query))