The filters panel

By default, the GUI displays the filters panel on the left of the results area. This is new in version 1.32. You can adjust the width of the panel, and hide it by squeezing it completely. The width will be memorized for the next session.

The panel currently has two areas, for filtering the results by dates, or by filesystem location.

The panel is only active in Query Language search mode, and its effect is to add date: and dir: clauses to the actual search.

The dates filter can be activated by clicking the checkbox. It has two assisted date entry widgets, for the minimum and maximum dates of the search period.

The directory filter displays a subset of the filesystem directories, reduced to the indexed area, as defined by the topdirs list and the name exclusion parameters. You can independantly select and deselect directories by clicking them. Note that selecting a directory will activate the whole subtree for searching, there is no need to select the subdirectories, and no way to exclude some of them (use Query language dir: clauses if this is needed).