Running arbitrary commands on result files

Apart from the Open and Open With operations, which allow starting an application on a result document (or a temporary copy), based on its MIME type, it is also possible to run arbitrary commands on results which are top-level files, using the Run Script entry in the results pop-up menu.

The commands which will appear in the Run Script submenu must be defined by .desktop files inside the scripts subdirectory of the current configuration directory.

Here follows an example of a .desktop file, which could be named for example, ~/.recoll/scripts/myscript.desktop (the exact file name inside the directory is irrelevant):

          [Desktop Entry]
          Exec=/home/me/bin/tryscript %F

The Name attribute defines the label which will appear inside the Run Script menu. The Exec attribute defines the program to be run, which does not need to actually be a script, of course. The MimeType attribute is not used, but needs to exist.

The commands defined this way can also be used from links inside the result paragraph.

As an example, it might make sense to write a script which would move the document to the trash and purge it from the Recoll index.