Parameters affecting where and how we store things


Top directory for Recoll data. Recoll data directories are normally located relative to the configuration directory (e.g. ~/.recoll/xapiandb, ~/.recoll/mboxcache). If 'cachedir' is set, the directories are stored under the specified value instead (e.g. if cachedir is ~/.cache/recoll, the default dbdir would be ~/.cache/recoll/xapiandb). This affects dbdir, webcachedir, mboxcachedir, aspellDicDir, which can still be individually specified to override cachedir. Note that if you have multiple configurations, each must have a different cachedir, there is no automatic computation of a subpath under cachedir.


Maximum file system occupation over which we stop indexing. The value is a percentage, corresponding to what the "Capacity" df output column shows. The default value is 0, meaning no checking.


Xapian database directory location. This will be created on first indexing. If the value is not an absolute path, it will be interpreted as relative to cachedir if set, or the configuration directory (-c argument or $RECOLL_CONFDIR). If nothing is specified, the default is then ~/.recoll/xapiandb/


Name of the scratch file where the indexer process updates its status. Default: idxstatus.txt inside the configuration directory.


Directory location for storing mbox message offsets cache files. This is normally 'mboxcache' under cachedir if set, or else under the configuration directory, but it may be useful to share a directory between different configurations.


Minimum mbox file size over which we cache the offsets. There is really no sense in caching offsets for small files. The default is 5 MB.


Maximum mbox member message size in megabytes. Size over which we assume that the mbox format is bad or we misinterpreted it, at which point we just stop processing the file.


Directory where we store the archived web pages. This is only used by the web history indexing code Default: cachedir/webcache if cachedir is set, else $RECOLL_CONFDIR/webcache


Maximum size in MB of the Web archive. This is only used by the web history indexing code. Default: 40 MB. Reducing the size will not physically truncate the file.


The path to the Web indexing queue. This used to be hard-coded in the old plugin as ~/.recollweb/ToIndex so there would be no need or possibility to change it, but the WebExtensions plugin now downloads the files to the user Downloads directory, and a script moves them to webqueuedir. The script reads this value from the config so it has become possible to change it.


The path to browser downloads directory. This is where the new browser add-on extension has to create the files. They are then moved by a script to webqueuedir.


Page recycle interval By default, only one instance of an URL is kept in the cache. This can be changed by setting this to a value determining at what frequency we keep multiple instances ('day', 'week', 'month', 'year'). Note that increasing the interval will not erase existing entries.


Aspell dictionary storage directory location. The aspell dictionary (aspdict.(lang).rws) is normally stored in the directory specified by cachedir if set, or under the configuration directory.


Directory location for executable input handlers. If RECOLL_FILTERSDIR is set in the environment, we use it instead. Defaults to $prefix/share/recoll/filters. Can be redefined for subdirectories.


Directory location for icons. The only reason to change this would be if you want to change the icons displayed in the result list. Defaults to $prefix/share/recoll/images