Installing over an older version and other notes

Ubuntu commands installed as snap packages can’t create arbitrary files under /tmp. This is for example the case by default for pdftk which is used by Recoll to extract PDF attachments. For best results, set TMPDIR to a location which belongs to you (e.g. inside your home, with something like export TMPDIR=~/tmp in your shell startup script). Recoll could conceivably work around the problem all by itself, but I find it in bad taste to create temporary files in an arbitrary location inside your home.

1.20 to 1.36 indexes are fully backward compatible. No need to reindex when upgrading.

Always reset the index if you do not know by which version it was created (e.g.: you’re not sure it’s at least 1.18). The best method is to quit all Recoll programs and delete the index directory (rm -rf ~/.recoll/xapiandb), then start recoll or recollindex.

recollindex -z will do the same in most, but not all, cases. It’s better to use the rm method, which will also ensure that no debris from older releases remain (e.g.: old stemming files which are not used any more).

On Windows, the index is located by default in C:/Users/[me]/AppData/Local/Recoll/xapiandb

Case/diacritics sensitivity is off by default. It can be turned on only by editing recoll.conf ( see the manual). If you do so, you must then reset the index.

Changes in Recoll 1.36

  • It is now possible to run external/foreign indexers on a single index, with support for targeted purges (purges had been the reason why this was not really feasible previously). See this manual section for more detail. A sample indexer for indexing a Joplin notes database is distributed with the Recoll installation and described in the above chapter.

  • The parameter names in the main configuration file are now independent of character case. This was falsely claimed for an earlier release, it should now be true.

  • GUI: hopefully improve the font sizes consistency in the different windows and panels.

  • Unix: installing the librecoll library in the standard $libdir location is now the default. Use the --disable-publiclib configure option if you want to install it to the recoll sub-directory instead.

  • New index configuration parameter idxnoautopurge to disable the deleted files purge pass after updating index. This can be useful for configurations on which part of the data set is expected to be unavailable at times. Use the -P recollindex command line flag to force a purge (with all the data present). If the parameter is not set, you can also use the --nopurge recollindex command line flag to skip the purge.

  • Windows: the distribution now also includes a 32 bits poppler binary for 32 bits systems.

  • Windows: include poppler-data in the distribution for better processing of, e.g., Chinese texts.

  • Windows: arrange for the result URL/Path translations to work independently of character case.

  • NetBSD: small changes to support this system.

Minor releases at a glance

  • 1.36.2

    • Fix a number of issues about font sizes (glitches, consistency).

  • 1.36.1

    • Restore python2 compatibility in script part of the recoll python package (for backports).

    • Don’t set rpath on the GUI program when not needed.

    • Avoid emitting cjk ngrams containing whitespace.