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Recoll for Windows was built on Windows 10, and tested on Windows 7 and 10. It does not work on Windows XP.

There are reports that it works in Windows 11, but I can’t be sure as I can’t get Win11 to run reliably in a VM.

The current download version is 1.39.1 (2024-06-12).

I request a small fee for downloading and using the Windows binary version. I don’t use it myself, so it makes it worth my while (building the thing and its dependencies on Windows is no piece of cake).

  • If the sum is too large for you because you have very limited means (e.g. you are a student or you live in a developping country), please contact me:

  • If you downloaded an older version relatively recently, feel free to reuse the download link (which you get from the paypal page) to get the new version. If the link does not work any more, please contact me.

  • No big effort is made to prevent bypassing the payment, the whole thing is just there to make it slightly more difficult to get it free than to pay the small amount.

  • The Recoll source code is free and licensed under the GPL. As a regular user, and in a nutshell, you are free to do what you want with the program (use, copy, share, etc.). If you intend to modify and redistribute Recoll, you need to take a better look.

The Recoll Windows installation is self-contained, and the list of supporting packages described in for Linux does not apply: everything you you need is included in the download.

The data for English spell suggestions is included in the download. You can find other languages here.

Privacy: Recoll does not connect to any external location, not even to check for a newer version. Your data remains on your computer.

Recoll for Windows download contribution

When the payment is done, click the 'back to merchant site' link from the PayPal site. If this does not work, or if you have a comment about the process, please contact me:


Please use the Recoll issues tracker for reporting problems, or contact me by email: