Creating and using an additional index: Linux example

The following applies to Unix-like systems

Initially creating the configuration and index:

mkdir /path/to/my/new/config

Configuring the new index can be done from the recoll GUI, launched from the command line to pass the -c option (you could create a desktop file to do it for you), and then using the GUI index configuration tool to set up the index.

recoll -c /path/to/my/new/config

Alternatively, you can just start a text editor on the main configuration file:

someEditor /path/to/my/new/config/recoll.conf

Creating and updating the index can be done from the command line:

recollindex -c /path/to/my/new/config

or from the File menu of a GUI launched with the same option (recoll, see above).

The same GUI would also let you set up batch indexing for the new index. Real time indexing can only be set up from the GUI for the default index (the menu entry will be inactive if the GUI was started with a non-default -c option).

The new index can be queried alone with:

recoll -c /path/to/my/new/config

Or, in parallel with the default index, by starting recoll without a -c option, and using the External Indexes tab in the preferences dialog, which can be reached either trough: PreferencesGUI ConfigurationExternal Index Dialog or QueryExternal index dialog. See the GUI external indexes section for more details.