Filtering out Zip archive members

Up to version 1.24, rclzip only supports zipSkippedNames

The rclzip Zip archive handler can skip indexing of some archive members based on several 'recoll.conf' configuration variables:

  • zipUseSkippedNames decides if the normal skippedNames list should be used or not.

  • zipSkippedNames defines names to be skipped only inside Zip archives (in addition to skippedNames if useSkippedNames is set).

zipSkippedNames has the same syntax as skippedNames : a space-separated list of patterns which will be passed to the Python fnmatch() function. The / characters are not special (matched as any character). White space can be included in a pattern by double-quoting it.

All these variables can be redefined for file system directories using the usual section indicators (Zip archives in different file-system directories can have different skip lists), but they will not change according to the path inside the archive.


zipSkippedNames = *.txt
zipSkippedNames = somedir/*/*.html